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Is That a Season Premiere in Your Pocket?

Fox released its Fall schedule today and even a superficial glance reveals a line-up brimming with season premieres, as has now become tradition. House, Glee, Fringe, Bones and Human Target all return and the network continues its monopoly of adult cartoons with its Sunday line-up of The Simpsons, The Cleveland Show, Family Guy and American Dad. Unfortunately for me, Fox doesn't air in the UK, but as luck would have it Mr. internet has all these shows hidden somewhere between bare breasts and Japanese girls with cups. Go internet!

Monday September 20th
8:00pm: HOUSE - Season Premiere
9:00pm: LONE STAR - Series Premiere

Tuesday September 21st
8:00pm: GLEE - Season Premiere
9:00pm: RAISING HOPE - Series Premiere
9:30pm: RUNNING WILDE - Series Premiere

Wednesday September 22nd
8:00pm: HELL’S KITCHEN - Season Premiere

Thursday September 23rd
8:00pm: BONES - Season Premiere
9:00pm: FRINGE - Season Premiere

Friday September 24th
8:00pm: HUMAN TARGET - Season Premiere

Sunday September 26th
8:00pm: THE SIMPSONS - Season Premiere
8:30pm: THE CLEVELAND SHOW - Season Premiere
9:00pm: FAMILY GUY - Season Premiere

Sunday October 3rd
9:00pm: FAMILY GUY
9:30pm: AMERICAN DAD - Season Premiere, 100th Episode

Wednesday November 10th
8:00pm: LIE TO ME Season Premiere

So has Fox got your attention with that grab bag of awesome? It has certainly thrown down the gauntlet for networks such as ABC, who seem to have recently slashed their own budget. If none of the above takes your fancy then you may be in danger of becoming one of these people who prefer to spend time reading books, or playing with their kids. So just in case, take of your pants, recline your chair, and stop being so damn productive. Don't you say I didn't warn you!


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