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Is The Next Mass Effect DLC About a Rogue Reaper?

Will Shepard be fighting for the affections of a sentient god killing beast?

The most recent DLC for the critically acclaimed Mass Effect 3 was released earlier this week, giving a more comprehensive ending to the franchise and allowing hackers to find some interesting goodies. Apparently, buried deep in the source files of the Extended Cut DLC, one innovative hacker found pages and pages of dialogue and narrative background focusing on a rogue Reaper. Referred to as the “Leviathan of Dis” sources indicate, Batarian scientists found the dead Reaper that has woken up and now fights against his malevolent mechanical brethren.  The source files uncovered direct dialogue like, "So a Reaper goes rogue and kills one of its own. That's what we're looking at here, right?"

This has led gamers to believe the next DLC will be featured within the main story and not add to the controversial ending of the game. Bioware commented on the news, by saying they “refuse to comment on rumors.” Users operating on Reddit and other social networking hubs were able find out about previous DLC packs for Mass Effect weeks before the official announcement using similar methods. 


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