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It’s Always Sunny – Dee Gives Birth

We finally figured out who the father of Sweet Dee’s baby is and I don’t think anyone could have guessed it. This was the season finale of Sunny and was a perfect way to end an inconsistent season 6. This episode had everything. Almost all of the extended Sunny cast was brought back and Dee Gives Birth was not only the best episode of the season, but one of the best episodes of the series.

Charlie and Frank have been playing naked in the sewer and as funny as a setup as that may be, we quickly find our characters in the hospital awaiting the arrival of Dee’s bastard child. The guys, excluding Dennis, throw a party for all the men Sweet Dee has been with in hopes of discovering the identity of the father….because none of our main characters want the responsibility. There’s a saying with TV shows that a baby ruins everything and Sunny played with this idea perfectly. By the end they make us believe that the writers know this fact, but instill confidence in their ability to pull it off.


The scenes at the party are great with the highlight being the pseudo interrogation scenes with possible fathers. We learn a great deal about how Dee operates when it comes to men. Apparently she just belittles them until they cave in. It’s always special when Rickety Cricket shows up and while he didn’t have much screen time, he set the mood for the party. The only character I would have liked to have seen that was missing is the lawyer, but it’s hard to believe that Dee could get him to sleep with her.     

Dennis is having a terrible time at the hospital and his Weekend at Bernie’s routine literally had me laughing out loud, especially when the purported dead guy has a problem with talk of being thrown in the trash. The Thor diatribe was good, but it was a bit too over the top and Dennis almost came off as awkward. In the past I have expressed my frustration with his character, but in the end he pulled through and adds a great deal to the episode.

I won’t spoil the reveal of who the father is here, but it is awesome, and somewhat confusing. Charlie doesn't seem to get it, but the guy can’t read or write, so it would be more confusing if he understood it. The baby scene is oddly moving and maybe the first time in the show's history that I felt like they were going for an emotional moment. It should come as no surprise knowing that in real life Mac is the father. This episode felt a bit like an apology for a pretty lackluster season, at least by Sunny standards. This season may have started weak, but it definitely ended strong, and I look forward to a return to form next season.      



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