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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia -The Gang Buys a Boat

Sunny returned to proper form in this week’s episode, The Gang Buys a Boat. Episodes where the characters are taken from the bar and put into different surroundings are always great. While not a perfect episode, it is an improvement from the ones in this season so far and offers some very quotable Always Sunny entertainment.

The episode starts with Mac, Charlie, and Dennis talking to a boat salesmen giving him their ridiculous desires for a boat. The guys are flaunting their dicktowel.com money, which they are oddly reserved about expanding upon. Dicktowel.com is a real website where the creators are selling their brilliant invention of…..a dicktowel. The joke comes from the episode, Paddy’s Pub: Home of the Original Kitten Mittens, which is in my opinion one of the best episodes of the show. They have been quiet about it since that episode, but they bring it back as a way for the guys to have enough money to purchase a boat. The salesmen is pretty funny and the guys are sold on a boat that looks like its two anchors away from sinking.

The majority of the episode is split between two story-lines. Dennis and Mac go around buying things they need for the boat, all the while having a rather awkward and dark discussion on Dennis’ plan to fear girls into sleeping with him. Sunny dips into dark humor and it works well in this episode as it becomes one of the running gags. The two find themselves spending far more than they initially planned on and the constant need for improvements speaks to anybody who has made a rash purchase.


Dee, Charlie, and Frank are left on the boat and given the task of cleaning it up and making it look presentable. Obviously they fail…or they don’t as much fail as they just decide not to do it. Dee shows how bad she is at dancing while Charlie is more interested in using the boat to catch shrimp. The plan Charlie and Frank make to turn the boat into a “Forest Gumpesqu” fishing boat is pretty funny, but Charlie becomes more interested in scuba diving for treasure at the bottom of the ocean. Where these treasures are coming from is probably the biggest laugh in the episode and shows just how lazy, self absorbed, and hilarious these people are. It's also funny to find out how Frank throws.

This being Sunny the characters have to get wrapped up in ridiculous situations. Mac and Dennis stumble upon a boat party, which at first they feared was a rape party, but they ended up taking some women back to where their boat should be. Suffice to say, the other guys managed to mess up the situation badly and the gang is left with less than what they had at the beginning yet immune to learning any lessons or morals. This is what makes the show so funny. We have seen these people for over a hundred episodes and they have not changed at all. The constant action and reaction makes this episode funny and another reason to look forward to the rest of the season.



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