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It’s Always Sunny – Stranded in the Woods

After a week off the gang comes back and we get one of the rare road episodes. At least once a season it seems like we get an episode that drops the familiar bar setting and puts our characters in an unknown surrounding. Frank donates money to an animal relief fund and the gang attempts to drive to Atlantic City for the banquet. We know that our characters are idiots, so needless to say, they don’t all get there. Frank gets them all lost in the woods and our characters split up.

Mack, Frank, and Dee stay by the car because Dee cannot really walk anywhere seeing as how she looks about seven months pregnant. Frank makes a pretty good joke about this fact in the beginning. My favorite part about these three is their connection with a bunny they planned to eat, and the continuation of Mack and his weird obsession with Chase Utley. Earlier in the show we learned that Mack has been sending Utley tapes and other forms of communication that border on freaky and stalkerish. I love this part because it really makes no sense with Mac’s character on the surface.

We know that Mac never really had a father, as his was in prison, and he has taken every chance he has got to find a father figure. Every time his father comes into the show he reverts back to a little boy wanting to play catch with his father. I think he sees Chase as being able to play that role, but who cares it’s just funny to see everyone else chastise him for his weird infatuation.   

While those three idiots are trying not to die in the woods, Dennis and Charlie go in search of help. After Dennis tries to teach Charlie his way of taking life as it comes, this leads to a very uncomfortable ride from a desperate trucker. Charlie takes the “just say yes” mantra to heart and it is great to see Charlie actually winning for once. He is usually the most beat down character of the group and seeing his luck change is nice. The guys have the night of their lives partying with Chase Utley and Ryan Howard and getting totally smashed.

The juxtaposition of the two nights is what creates most of the comedy in the episode and Mack’s reaction to the picture message is great. We are never given a real reason as to why Dennis and Charlie left the others stranded, but it doesn't seem too out of character for them. Lets always remember these are horrible people.



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