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It’s Always Sunny – Who Got Dee Pregnant?

Sunny gave us a mystery this week and along the way the gang attempts to piece together their fragmented memories of a rather outrageous Halloween party. The setup is good and while there are some missteps along the way, the episode is an overall success and the best episode of the season so far. The show finally acknowledged that actress Kaitlin Olson is pregnant, weirdly enough the real life father is Mac, and the gang needs to figure out who the father is because she says that it's one of them. So hopefully we could immediately rule one of them.

Dennis, they are blood related, and most likely Frank, while not her biological father he raised her none the less. Mac and Charlie both desperately want to exonerate themselves from the possibility that they are the father. Through the course of the journey we see many of Sunny’s extended cast.

The McPoils return along with Artimis and the waitress because the gang’s memory seems to be wrong. This is pretty funny. Seeing how Mac believed he acted when Charlie needed his help juxtaposed with how others remembered, which creates an unclear picture of us not knowing what really what happened, so we have to make our best judgment. Whether its Charlie slurring uncontrollably in one memory and then being suave and romantic in the next, the multiple renditions of the events are by far the funniest aspects of the episode.

Ultimately the gang comes to a conclusion as to the fathers identity... Dennis, who Dee thought was Charlie, and for a moment I was a bit scarred. Sunny has definitely ventured into some pretty dark territory at times, but this would have been just a bit too far. Thankfully Dennis is not the father, but that left the question of who was. The guys didn’t care, as long as it wasn’t one of them then they didn’t care who the father is, much to Dee’s dismay.

Dee is a tough character to write and the show runners have said as much. She is at times more caring and involved than the rest of the guys, but other times she's just as selfish and stubbornly absentminded of the rest of the world. More so than any other episode Who got Dee Pregnant feels like an episode they had to do and not one they wanted to. They were hiding Kaitlin Olsen’s stomach rather well this season, but they couldn’t get away with it any longer. While usually this would be a cause for alarm, the writers put together an interesting script that actually translated to a pretty good episode. The laughs are more situational than your average show, but that has always been Sunny’s style. The characters are funny but it’s their reactions and quirks that make the show so interesting.

This was an episode we knew was coming and they did a great job executing on a plan. Whether or not we ever actually get the name of the father is kind of irrelevant, since I don’t think that the writers even care.          



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