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It’s Blizzard Day at Amazon!

It’s just one day before the new World of Warcraft expansion, Cataclysm goes on sale.  Are you reading this on your phone while huddling in a tent in front of Best Buy, or are you snuggled up at home, defragging your rig, secure that the UPS Overnight guy will bring you that copy of Cataclysm you ordered from Amazon?  Regardless, Amazon sympathizes with your obsessive desire to buy the last great game of 2010, so they’re holding a sale on every BUT the new game you want.

As part of their “17 Days Of Christmas” over at Amazon.com, today their video game department is doing a daily deal on all games by Blizzard, except for Cataclysm.  This is for the games themselves, along with the expansion packs, and the “Battle Chests”, so it’s a good chance to stock up on the previous World of Warcraft expansions if you missed them.  You can get Lich King for $19.99, and Burning Crusade of $14.99.  The WoW Battle Chest which contains the main game and Burning Crusade is $19.99.

If you’ve been holding off on Starcraft II, waiting for a price break, this is your day as well, since it’s marked down by 20%, which makes it $47.99. The Warcraft III Battle Chest is going for $21.99, as is the Diablo Battle Chest.

Also, if you’re the one person in the whole world who hasn’t tried the original Starcraft its Battle Chest is ten dollars.


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