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It’s Bungie Day 2011

As every grizzled space marine knows, July 7th is Bungie Day!  The Halo Developer is fascinated on the number seven. Every year on July 7 they celebrate. This year, Bungie Day is extra special because it is Halo Developer's 20th anniversary, and Halo's 10th anniversary. Throughout the day, Halo Reach will have special events and prizes.

Today is your last chance to get the in-game blue flaming helmet for your spartan in Halo Reach.  Get it by logging into your Bungie.net account, or through the Bungie Mobile iPhone app.
  Also, get a chance to play Halo Reach against the Bungie staff today, and, if you beat them, you'll win steak.  That's correct, steak! The prize will be sent to you in the mail.  Keep an eye out for these Bungie gamertags while you are online today:

Heavenly Beef
Tender Loins

When you play against them, give it your A-game. You just might win yourself some delicious dead cowflesh! To learn more, visit Bungie's website, or watch the video below.


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