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J.J. Abrams headed for “7 Minutes in Heaven”

Just when you thought it was safe to make out in the closet, The Hollywood Reporter has it that J.J. Abrams (Star Trek, Mission Impossible III) has signed on to develop 7 Minutes of Heaven.

One of the few individuals in Hollywood who can keep a secret, Abrams (via his Bad Robot production company) looks to be acting as a producer for the film, based on an original idea by longtime collaborator Jack Bender. This being an Abrams project, plot details are being kept to a bare minimum.

However, there is a little information to gnaw on while we wait for the inevitable mysterious trailer. “Heaven” focuses on two teens who enter a closet to play the titular game, only to exit and find all of their friends dead.

Bender has been working with Abrams since his Felicity days and is most noted for his recent work directing the final episode of Lost, for which he has been nominated for an Emmy this year. It is understood that the directing chair is his for the taking, should he desire.

With Abrams on board, Bad Robot looks to be in the market for a writer who is willing to tackle the premise. For the moment, “Heaven” is an internal project, but will likely get picked up by Paramount, Bad Robot's longtime studio home responsible for bringing Star Trek and Mission Impossible III to theaters.

For now, you can just add “Heaven” to Abrams mountain of upcoming projects. On top of “Heaven,” Abrams has the upcoming Spielberg collaboration Super 8 as well as a sequel to Star Trek, both of which he is slated to direct -- never mind the number of projects he is onboard to produce. Adding “Heaven” to his list ensures Abrams will be able to pay his mortgage for a good, long while.


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