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J.J. Abrams’ secret trailer to play before Iron Man 2

Hollywood doesn't call its craft the "movie business" for nothing and nobody knows this business like J.J. Abrams. His marketing and viral campaign leading up to 2008’s hit Cloverfield was nothing short of remarkable and he was rewarded with the biggest January opening weekend of all time.

It looks as though Abrams is reaching back into his big bag of tricks. It has been revealed that a trailer, directed by the man himself, will accompany Iron Man 2, premiering this Friday. Those venturing out to the superhero sequel this weekend will be bestowed with a gift-wrapped box (yes, an actual, tangible box) known only as “Super 8” and then they will be able see this mysterious preview.

Nearly all speculation points to a Cloverfield sequel which has been buzzed about since the release of the original, but Abrams apparently told Vulture, who broke the story, that it has nothing to do with it. So just how secret is this secret clip?  Secret enough for the trailer to be delivered to theatres in a separate, secure, key-coded canister.  The password will be revealed to projectionists at a set time in order to prevent any leaks.

So even if Iron Man 2 turns out to be a disappointment, thanks to Mr. Abrams, there will still be something to gossip about. Bring on “Super 8.”




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