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Jackass 3D Review

Joseph's Rating: 8/10 Player Affinity Composite Rating: 7.5/10 (2 reviews total) Jackass 3D is another quality entry into the series of the same name. Those who enjoy the antics and hilarity of the previous two films will enjoy it. If you didn’t like the last two, then there’s nothing here that will change your mind. Word is on the street this movie has already grossed $50 million in the 36 hours since it’s opened. What is it that these people have that gets so many asses in seats at the local theater? Well, the Jackass movies succeed in the same way other good movies do. They thrill us, amaze us, horrify us. Most people would agree that the biggest sin a movie can commit is boring its audience. Even the film’s most vehement critics could never level such a charge at it. Johnny Knoxville and gang exquisitely exploit the fact that they are willing to do what no “normal” person would and use their creativity to create some incredibly entertaining, if banal, stunts.  It is also worth mentioning that the new film is shot in brilliant, fantastic, wave-of-the-future (/sarcasm) 3D! I make no secret of my contempt for this stupid cash-cow of Hollywood, but I knew going into it that if any movie could make a great use of the technology, it would be this one. Finally, for once 3D enhances the movie-going experience instead of providing a mere distraction from a sub-par story. Many times, the 3D aspect of Jackass provided me and many other audience members something most of us had never seen or will see again. Case in point: they launch a giant dildo out of a gun towards the screen. It’s an odd feeling seeing a gigantic penis flying toward your face.  Though many of the stunts make good use of the technology, there’s still plenty of them that play well in good ol’ regular movie vision. Extensive use of slow motion is used also, most often to show the ripples in a person’s face as they’re punched.  As for individual stunts, here are some of the best: -Various objects are tossed into the stream of a jet engine and propelled at people at ridiculous speeds. -A tooth extraction by way of Lamborghini. -Beehive Tetherball -A raging gorilla (Chris Pontius) tears apart Bam’s parents’ hotel room. There’s plenty more, including their requisite dry-heave inducing ones where Steve-O drinks Preston’s sweat, or Dave England paints his ass to look like a volcano, which then “erupts.”   My worst criticism of the movie is that it felt too short and I don’t suppose that’s really all that negative. I wished there was more. The gang also is beginning to look their age and the effects of all this craziness is starting to show. Despite the insane amount of money it made in the last two days, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the end of Jackass, a possibility turned probability I’d say by the yearbook style montage at the end of the final credits. They seem tired of it all. One even asks the question, “Why am I still doing this?” If this is in fact the last one, I will not protest. These people have genuinely sacrificed for their millions and have earned the right to hang up their hat if they so choose. It’s odd, but I actually admire these guys, who have the tenacity to get in the ring with bulls and have pigs eat apples out of their butt, and blow up Porta-Potties for fun. They got balls. Rating: 8/10 Jackass 3D Directed by Jeff Tremaine Starring: Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, Chris Pontius Other Player Affinity Reviews Simon thought: "Sweat-drinking, beehive tetherball and dildo-gun sharpshooting may never be Olympic sports, but when has that ever kept the Jackass gang down? When James Cameron created his Avatar sensation, the director likely did not aspire towards this specific use of 3D, but there are only a few ways in which Knoxville can one-up himself without landing in the morgue. Numerous comments from popular journals to Internet forums have bombarded these juvenile exercises with criticism for being the “downfall” of American cinema. These films may have no place in any kind of legitimate circle of filmmaking, but I’ll take a facefull of poop over another pretentious Oscar-bait drama any day of the week." Rating: 7/10 Player Affinity Composite Rating: 7.5/10 


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