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Jade Empire 2 Unofficially Cancelled

If you’re a fan of Jade Empire, there’s some bad news from one of the developers over at Bioware. When Jade Empire was released for the Xbox in 2005 and the PC in 2007, it was well received by the players, gained a loyal fanbase, and rested on a backbone of solid reviews. Now, though, it seems that the Eastern themed RPG is never going to receive a sequel.

A Jade Empire sequel, after the original’s reception, seemed likely, at least to Ray Muzyka, co-founder of its developer Bioware. “Bioware definitely plans to continue the Jade Empire franchise,” he said. “The Jade team did a great job with the first game in that series; we have great teams working on all of our games here. We've also said in the past that we're working on not just one, but two Xbox 360 titles. Enough said.” In October of 2009, however, Bioware revealed that their priorities were focused on Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age. Mike Laidlaw, the lead designer of Dragon Age, publicly doubted Jade Empire 2’s existence.

Finally, Jade Empire 2 seems to have been put to rest. A former senior designer at Bioware has updated his LinkedIn profile, to include Jade Empire 2 as one of his unfinished works (games that have been cancelled permanently). An EA Bioware rep has not commented on the rumor, but until news that say otherwise, it’s safe to assume that Jade Empire 2 will not be released. 


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