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Jagged Alliance: Back in Action Gets Release Date

The recent tactical strategy game Frozen Synapse has had quite a bit of success amongst fans of tactical strategy, but those same fans now have something else to be excited about. A new Jagged Alliance game! Jagged Alliance: Back In Action is a "Contemporary remake of the latest game in the series" but the website also says that it's a remake of the original so exactly which Jagged Alliance game its a remake of is a bit unclear at this point.

The game's developers bitComposer Games are redesigning it to utlize a modern and updated 3D engine but still offer the same mercenary-themed turn-based strategy gameplay. The game takes place in the fictional country of Arulco and you control a small group of rebels fighting against the country's brutal dictator.

As you play thgrough the dynamic levels you are able to train, customize and improve the capabilities and effectiveness of your mercenaries through the RPG-esque systems in the game. Jagged Alliance: Back In Action will also feature a real time combat mode.  The release date at this year's E3 is October 18th in the US and 21st in the UK.


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