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Jai Courtney is John McClane’s Son in Next ‘Die Hard’

20th Century Fox has gone high and low looking for John McClane's (Bruce Willis) son for the "Die Hard" franchise's fifth installment, and now they have him. Spartacus: Blood and Sand star Jai Courtney has been cast as Jack McClane in A Good Day to Die Hard.

The search was an exhaustive one, and Deadline notes that the decision comes as a surprise. The studio met with many young actors ranging from Ben Foster (Six Feet Under) to Liam Hemsworth (The Hunger Games). Courtney's role of Varro on Starz' "Spartacus" lasted one season before he left to pursue a film career. His upcoming projects include starring opposite Aaron Eckhart in I, Frankenstein and One Shot with Tom Cruise, projects that are nothing to scoff at.

Not much can be said about the upcoming A Good Day to Die Hard other than noting the cringe-inducing title. We already know a few details: McClane will take on an international flavor, traveling to Moscow and crossing paths with his estranged son, Jack, who is in jail. To nobody's surprise, Jack and John don't get along. Could it be all those times Dad nearly died or almost got someone in the family killed (think of the Christmas dinners)?

Of course, terrorists are (always) plotting something and it'll be up to father and son to shove an American flag up some asses. John Moore (Max Payne) will direct with a release date scheduled for February 14, 2013.


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