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Jak and Daxter Collection Officially Annouced by Sony

In a move that is not surprising to anyone, and that has been leaked multiple times before its official announcement, the Jak and Daxter HD Trilogy is coming to Playstation 3 this February.

The contents of the package are each of the three original Jak and Daxter games. With the last game in the package (Jak 3) being released in 2004, it does give each of the games a sense of nostalgia, which is ultimately what Sony wants to happen. On the Playstation Blog (where this story was officially dropped), the response has been overwhelmingly good, which in my opinion is what is needed at this point in time.  As of right now, the video game market has slowed down, but a large resurgence will come in February with releases like Mass Effect 3, Bioshock Infinite and (a bit later) Max Payne 3, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony timed the Jak and Daxter Collection to release at that time to boost first party support.    


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