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James Robinson and Philip Tan’s… He-Man?

He-Man by DC ComicsBack in my Looking Ahead at 2012 article, I noted the major return of the '80s movement being pushed by IDW Publishing with their strong handling of old franchises like Transformers, G.I. Joe, Ghostbusters and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This is one of the things I said was worth watching this year. And I jokingly asked this:

"Seriously, where’s my badass He-Man series now?"

The answer is, apparently at DC Comics in July. It has been announced that James Robinson and Philip Tan will be producting a six issue He-Man and the Masters of the Universe limited series. It is a surprisingly high profile creative team for DC to put on a licensed product, leading me to believe fans should feel optimistic about plans for the franchise.

Robinson has provided details of the new series' premise. He-Man's primary nemesis, Skeletor, has effectively conquered Eternia by gaining the power to change reality and install himself in Castle Grayskull as king. Meanwhile, He-Man is trapped as his alter-ego Adam with no memory of being Eternia's greatest hero, and his alles the Masters of the Universe suffer the same amnesiac fate. The limited series will follow Adam rediscovering himself through dreams of his true identity and presumably leading a rebellion against Skeletor's fictitious rule.

It sounds interesting and like a smart way of reintroducing He-Man and the world of Eternia. But it's a curious choice on DC's part. Why is DC encroaching on territory usually covered by IDW? Why is DC so serious about it that they are putting some of their top talent behind the book? You'd think DC has enough on its plate with the New 52 and Beyond Watchmen.

Okay, Marvel. Time to step up. Give me Gummi Bears by Brian Michael Bendis and Frank Cho.


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