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James Robinson Leaves DC Comics

Announced over twitter earlier today it seems that DC Comics has lost yet another writer in the long line of ones that have left the company in the past few months. Joining the ranks of Andy Diggle (Action Comics), Joshua Hale Fialkov (Green Lantern Corps), and others in the longer run comes in the once-acclaimed Starman writer and “current” writer of the highly popular Earth 2 series – James Robinson.

This comes as a shock given Earth 2's commercial success and even the placing on several best sellers lists with it's hardcover collection. Over the “twitter-sphere” Robinson has pronounced that he will be stepping down from Earth 2 with Issue 16 and later on tweeted that he will be leaving DC Comics altogether. Given the also rather sudden cancellations of several cult hits including Dial H and Demon Knights this past week – news like this will (and already has on some circles of the internet) only get the ball rolling with fan uproar. While some might jump to blame DC Editorial for this recent development it is interesting to note that Robinson wished higher-ups/fellow writers Dan Didio and Geoff Johns in his second tweet, so there might be other factors at work here.  

So although there is no information as of yet as to why the sudden leave of absence and departure, or even the future of Earth 2 and several projects in the works - such as the Earth 2/Justice League Crossover - but we will try to keep our readers and informed and up to date as possible as news rolls in.

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