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Jane McGonigal To Deliver Keynote Speech At PAX East

On March 11th, the Penny Arcade Expo East will start off with an address from Jane McGonigal, the Author and Game Designer behind the book Reality Is Broken, as well as the Halo 2 Alternate Reality Game I love Bees, and other ARGs which address real-world problems.  Full of positive energy about how games can bring out the best in us, and change the world for the better, expect McGonigal to deliver a keynote which will inspire attendees to "...bring our love of games to our real lives... unlocking our natural ability to be more motivated, more optimistic, more curious, more collaborative, more determined, more resilient and more ambitious".

This will be the second annual PAX East; and will occur from March 11th through March 13th at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.  The Expo will feature panel discussions, exhibitor showrooms, live performances, and freeplay areas for console games and tabletop gaming sessions.  More about PAX East can be seen on Penny Arcade's website, and more about Jane McGonigal can be discovered at her secret online Headquarters.


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