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Jason Rohrer’s Passage on the DS

Jason Rohrer’s Passage is a beautiful game. In a mere five minutes Rohrer is able to convey actual emotions and thoughts regarding life, marriage and our impeding deaths. I must confess that I cried when I played Passage. I shed tears and wept. At that moment I knew that games are actually art and not just toys to play on my Nintendo.

How outstanding it is then that the ESRB has just revealed that not one, not two, but three o Rohrer’s works of art are making their way to DSiWare. Alt-Play: Jason Rohrer Anthology features Gravitation, Between, and the astounding Passage. The Anthology is being brought to us by the amazing developer, Sabarasa, who has previously brought us classics such as Save the Turtles.

[Via ESRB] 



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