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Javier Bardem and Brad Pitt To Menace ‘Counselor’

Rumors back in February suggested that Javier Bardem and Brad Pitt were among those vying for a role in Ridley Scott’s next film, The Counselor, and it looks like the Prometheus director has chosen ... both. The two are reportedly on the cusp of signing onto the project, though it remains unclear how accommodations for both would be made.

The part in question being a villain makes Bardem the obvious candidate, as The Counselor is the first script from No Country for Old Men author Cormac McCarthy. Pitt’s attraction to the project may be tied to another rumor that suggests that Angelina Jolie is currently being courted for the female lead, though that speculation is thinner than the word surrounding Pitt.

I made Alien and Blade Runner, can't I just have both?

See kids, if you want top-tier directors, actors and studios to get on board with your first script, just spend 45-plus years as an American literary icon with a Pulitzer Prize. Simple as that.

Little is known about the red-hot “Counselor,” other than that it will star Michael Fassbender as a lawyer who gets pulled into the drug business, and in typical McCarthy fashion, disaster soon follows. It’s being described as “No Country for Old Men on steroids,” and the news about Pitt reveals that the character he would play is named West Ray.

Deadline reports that Fox is negotiating for distribution rights, as the studio has first look at all Scott Free projects. Production on The Couneslor is scheduled to being in June.  


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