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Jeff Lemire Moves the Justice League to Canada

Last week at the Fan Expo it was announced that Justice League of America will be changing its title to Justice League of Canada. The Justice League will be moving to Canada!

The new creative team on the book will be Jeff Lemire and Mike McKone. The previous creative team on Justice League of America was Geoff Johns and David Finch. Jeff Lemire is a Canadian native. So, it makes sense that a Canadian will be taking over a title called Justice League of Canada. Jeff Lemire has also been writing Justice League Dark

Justice League of Canada will be spinning out of Forever Evil. The roster has not been announced for the title yet. The only people who have been announced are Adam Strange and a Canadian teenager.

What do you guys think about Justice League of America turning into Justice League of Canada? Who will be in the new roster? Do you think Jeff Lemire will do a good job? Tell us in the comments below!



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