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Jennifer Blood #1 – Review

Jennifer is everything a perfect wife should be. She's a fantastic mother to her children, speeding time with them and nurturing their every moment. She's also a reasonable and understanding mate, receptive to her husbands hobbies and manly needs. In essence, Jennifer is the glue that holds her family unit together. Most importantly she understands that 9mm handguns are a waste of time. Whats the point of having twice as many bullets if you have to use three times as many to put someone down?

It all starts on Monday morning, Jennifer spends a moment with her diary as she recaps her day of running errands and preparing the homestead for her family's long day at school and work. Once together the family bond and enjoy each others time. The kids do their homework and the husband talks about his love of bird watching. While cleaning up Jennifer's thought drift back to earlier in the day to her trip to a mechanic the local "Dads" had recommended. The Hyundi's breaks need to be checked out and Jennifer likes to keep a low profile as a mild manner house wife. Once in the seedy establishment Jennifer instantly regrets her decision. She meets with a slovenly mechanic and wittiness him touching the female receptionist a little too much. Jennifer makes a comment and adds a mental note. Now back home Jennifer heads to the basement where she has hidden a small war room. She changes into her fully loaded black leather assassin gear complete with sun glasses that you wear at night. Jennifer Blood 1 Cover

Now at the docks, Jennifer spies on a group of shady individuals that she's been watching for awhile. They have been loading stolen cars in shipping containers, then on boats they ship them overseas. She waits until they're done loading everything and then starts things off with a frag grenade. A premeditated slaughter ensues by the hands of Jennifer as she dissect every attack, easily dismantling the car thieves. After all is said and done she leavers her calling card. Before the night is over she visits our friend the mechanic before finally heading home to cuddle with her husband.

At first glace Garth Ennis's( The Boys) book Jennifer's Blood is the movie “The Long Kiss Good Night “ with Geena Davis. The difference here of course is Jennifer is fully aware of her talents. But both do play on the model housewife/perfect assassin angle. But that's pretty much it. At times it did remind me of the nineties Spiderman with all of the narration, (yes I know it was the exert from her diary) but it worked. It was enjoyable reading her almost play-by-play as she went through her manic Monday. In a weird way it made me like Jennifer more. As for the look, Adriano Batista's (Jungle Girl, Bad Kitty) art is great. From human heads getting altered to the over the top most disgusting looking mechanic probably ever. Is Jennifer Blood basically a female Punisher that bakes cookies? Who cares? These two comic book talents are basically a great pair that have come together and created something fun with Jennifer Blood.

Overall Score - 9.0/10



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