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Jennifer Blood #2 – Review

It's a Tuesday, the kids are in school and Jennifer's back to “work” by spending the day down at the pier attached to the local yacht club. At the pier, Jennifer gets things started off by doing a little marine recon. In a few moments she has analyzed her target, Steve, a head member of a local crime family. He resides in his yacht just off the coast. Accompanying Steve on his yacht, are a handful of lightly armed men for security. Content with her intel Jennifer ponders the right type of firearms that will complement the job.

Enjoy Jen's thoughts as the 9mm debate continues. Once at home Jen and the family welcome home Allen after a hard day at work; who is just in time to meet the new neighbors, Jack and Laura. Jen does her best small talk while sizing up the new couple. By the look of things Jack could be a problem. After the family dinner and some extra “comatose coca” for the
family, Jen puts the family to bed and heads off to work.

Steve and his brothers in crime sit on the boat talking about the hit on their car stealing ring (See Jennifer Blood #1 review). Theories and ideas are kicked around about who could be behind it. The one thing they all can agree on is that they need to be ready for the next attack. Meanwhile, Jen places a little explosive surprise underneath the boat. Once back on land Jen handles the three guards in a “Professional” manner. Now on the bridge of the boat, Jen gives three unlucky guards a quick lesson in suppressors. She even gives herself time to prepare her calling card. Content with their mobster pow wow, Steve's affiliates leave him alone to enjoy some special attention from his female companion. That's when Jennifer make her presence known with revenge on her mind.

Garth Ennis (The Boys) and Adriano Batista (Jungle Kitty) are back with issue #2 of Jennifer's Blood. It has everything that made the first issue great, Jennifer, guns and well... Jennifer. Garth keeps Jennifer's now classic (in my mind) diary narration along with her sassy firearms 101 lessons going. There's something about a modest little house wife telling me how to handle close range combat, suppressor and 9mm that makes me giggle with joy. She's a blast to follow around just to see what she'll do next. Adriano does his best to keep everything looking great, violence and all. A task which he achieves in spades. The shining moment in this book and what turned out to be compleate surprise was the reward of a little backstory. Adding to Jen's character development was just icing on the cake. All and all Jennifer Blood is beyond fun and is shaping up to be one hell of an entertaining ride...Honestly.

Overall Score - 9.1/10



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