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Jessica Chastain Looks Beyond the ‘Horizons’ with Tom Cruise

With significant roles in several high-profile pictures this year including awards contenders such as The Help, Take Shelter, and The Tree of Life, Jessica Chastain boasts a fine reputation for her cinematic omnipresence. What’s more, she’ll soon share the screen with a major star.

Variety relays that Chastain has nabbed a leading role in Joseph Kosinski’s science fiction project Horizons (formerly titled Oblivion), alongside Tom Cruise. The sci-fi film takes place on a futuristic Earth made barren by aliens. Cruise plays a soldier who questions everything in his life after becoming involved with a peculiar set of events. Unfortunately, we don’t know who Chastain plays since there are two female leads in the film: a strange woman that Cruise encounters on his journey and Cruise’s wife.

Brit Marling, Olivia Wilde and Noomi Rapace tested for the role that went to Chastain, but one of those three might be cast in the other leading female role.


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