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Jessica Jones Netflix Poster Revealed!

It was recently announced that Daredevil is Netflix's most watched original television program. It's going to be hard to top the series. Marvel's next Netflix television show is Jessica Jones. I am very excited for this series and out of all the Marvel Netflix series this is the one I am most looking forward to being released. Jessica Jones is based on the comic books Alias. I am curious to see what aspects of that series they will adapt to the television show. Let's hope Netflix will release a trailer and  date soon. That way fans can get even more excited. 4594045-tumblr_np3mmurzit1qab0apo1_1280 This week the first poster for Jessica Jones with a small blurb about the series was released:
"Working as a private investigator in New York's Hell's Kitchen, a troubled ex-superhero's past comes back to haunt her in the live-action series, 'Marvel’s Jessica Jones.'"
Are you excited about Jessica Jones? Will it top Daredevil? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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