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Jessica Lange Leaving American Horror Story After Season 4

Season 4 of American Horror Story will be Jessica Lange’s last. The actress told BuzzFeed “I’ll do one more season.” Lange has played the lead in the past three seasons, so fans need to relish her superb acting while they can. Currently Lange plays Fiona on the third season of AHS: Coven. Lange had this to say about her character in a BuzzFeed interview.

“The spine of the character is that thing of a wasted life,” Lange says. “The idea that this woman has gone through life basically like a bulldozer, in the most selfish, self-centric fashion. Things just falling by the wayside. Now, she’s at a moment in her life where she’s confronted by all these things — her mortality; the fact that maybe she’s alone and what did she discard on the way, like her daughter, that could bring something meaningful, but it’s too late. That Portrait of Dorian Gray element fascinates me: What do you trade off for this idea of eternal youth and beauty and how much are you willing to sell for that? How much of your soul are you willing to give up?”

Lange has been nominated and won several awards for her excellent performance in American Horror Story. The show airs Wednesday nights on FX.


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