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Joan Allen and Albert Finney Will Make ‘Bourne’ Return, Oscar Isaac Joins

The Bourne Legacy is definitely shaping up to be a project worth following. For those wondering if there would be any continuity between the Matt Damon "Bourne" era and the new one about to begin starring Jeremy Renner, the answer would appear to be yes in the form of some familiar facs.

Joan Allen and Albert Finney are currently negotiating to return for The Bourne Legacy in roles that they had in previous “Bourne” features according to Variety. Allen starred in The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum as a CIA agent on the hunt for Jason Bourne, while Finney appeared in “Ultimatum” as a doctor who kept tabs on the assassin project.

What’s more, Deadline Hollywood says Oscar Isaac will join other “Bourne” newbies including Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton. The Sucker Punch and Drive star, who was once considered for the lead in “Legacy,” will step into the role of brainwashed assassin Number 3.

It’s great to see all of these actors in line for roles in “Legacy,” particularly Allen since her performance has been the most interesting and compelling aspect of the “Bourne” series thus far.


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