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Job Listing Reveals “Games at Google”

It's no secret that Google has been attempting to position itself in the gaming market. Google's own browser, Google Chrome, received a game and app store in May 2010, and the browser giant invested $100-$200 million in Zynga, the developers of Farmville, in July 2010. Then, there were rumors circulating about Google trying to bring social games to their unannounced and undefined gaming service.

So this new job listing makes perfect sense. The posting is asking for a games product manager, at Google's Mountain View, CA location, stating that this is a "rare opportunity to grow a brand-new business-- Games at Google!" This position, at least according to the job posting, will be a strategic one, with both the duties of crafting a smooth user experience and working with key partnerships, such as external developers and early adopters of Google's tech, whatever it may be. The job listing also mentions a "team of gamers" to develop Google's gaming strategy. 

Google hasn't announced any of their strategy or gaming service officially yet, so any other information is unavailable. Then again, given Google's pedigree for web-browsing, it'll be interesting to see if Google's technology is simply an online service or a full-on home console. Hopefully this isn't the Facebook route of Farmville. 


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