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Job Posting Reveals New God of War Game?

A posting put up earlier on a site called Creative Heads (a site used for recruitment to specific jobs) could have led to the unintentional leak of a new God of War game.  The posting was put up by Sony Computer Entertainment America – Santa Monica, the company who made the first three GoW games, and the posting lists the start date as “immediately”.  Fingers point to the project being God of War IV, as the first paragraph in the description says “Join the GOW Team!” and “Join us as we embark on our next project.”

If the project is true, could this mark the fact that the next generation of consoles is coming sooner rather than later?  While three games is not necessarily enough to make generalizations about how the GoW series works, God of War 2 did come out on the PS2 after the PS3 had already been released.  Because the job posting was set as immediately, could they be looking for a 2013 release with the new PS3 coming out sometime in the widely assumed 2014 range?  It doesn’t necessarily say which specific platform the game will be developed on, so could it also reveal that the company is making the game on both systems simultaneously?  While the last statement is much more of a long shot, the fact remains that there could be a new God of War game, coming to you much sooner than you may have imagined.  To read the posting, click here.    


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