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Joel Kinnaman to Star in Netflix Sci-Fi Drama

Netflix continues to expand its line-up of original shows with the sci-fi drama Altered Carbon starring Joel Kinnaman. Altered Carbon is based on a science fiction novel written by Richard K. Morgen that was released in 2002. The series takes place in the 25th century in a much different version of the world. In this time period, the human mind has been digitized and souls can be moved from one body to another. [caption id="attachment_83374" align="aligncenter" width="590"]tk-s3-cast-holder-590 Image via AMC[/caption] Kinnaman will have a leading role as Takeshi Kovacs, a former elite interstellar fighter who has been imprisoned for 500 years according to TVLine. Takeshi must solve a murder in a time and place where they have essentially found a cure for death, in order to end his sentence and earn a new life on Earth. Kinnamen previously on AMC's (and, later, Netflix's) The Killing as Detective Stephen Holder, and appeared on the most recent season of House of Cards as Republican presidential candidate Will Conway, so he is no stranger to the streaming platform. This is one of Netflix’s first sci-fi dramas. Will you be watching? (Featured image via Getty Images)


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