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John C. Reilly in talks for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Role

Marvel Studios have a number of projects in the works, one of them being their space set movie Guardians of the Galaxy. Now the movie is hoping to add to the cast with John C. Reilly now in talks with the studio.

Hitfix has reported the news that Reilly is in talk with Marvel to take the role of Rhomann Dey. In the comics Rhomann Dey is the defeated leader of the Nova Corps and is the last survivor of the planet Xander. The movie version is set to alter this backstory dramatically and Rhomann Dey will be a human agent acting as a go-between for S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Guardians in an Agent Coulson type role.

Reilly is talented actor known for comic roles in Step Brothers and Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story and he has shown himself off in serious roles in Boogie Nights and We Need to Talk About Kevin. It would be good to see him in a blockbuster and add to the capable of actors who are already involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Reilly was originally cast in The Hunger Games but lost out to Woody Harrelson.

British magazine Total Film also added that if Reilly takes the role he would have a sidekick with Hugh Laurie, Alan Rickman and Ken Watanbe on their wishlist.

Guardians of the Galaxy is set to be released in August 2014. Super’s James Gunn is set to direct and Zoe Saldana, Chris Pratt (Parks and Recreation) and Dave Bautista (The Man with the Iron Fists) have already been cast.


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