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John Carpenter directing “Darkchylde” adaptation

Halloween has come and gone already and it wouldn't be the season without announcements regarding the horror projects coming down the line. John Carpenter, whose name is synonymous with the horror genre by directing classics Halloween and The Thing has announced he will be directing an adaptation of the Randy Queen graphic novel series Darkchylde, says Empire.

The series began in the late '90s and follows the trials and tribulations of Ariel Chylde, a young woman whose life is plagued with a dark supernatural curse. What begins as disturbing, often violent nightmares escalate as Ariel realizes she is taking the form(s) of the creatures she dreams about, struggling to control her actions as her nightmares cross into her reality.

A comic adaptation is an intriguing choice for such an icon of the horror film. The (dark) subject matter fits the Carpenter's M.O., though it's potentially shaping up to be his most extensive project to date, considering his history in low-budget projects that require few visual effects.

The Darkchylde adaptation is not looking to be low-tech as Queen has already been working with Weta Workshop (of “Lord of the Rings” and Avatar VFX fame) to develop the creatures to appear in the project. While no schedule has been set (probably because no cast has been formed), Carpenter is definitely looking to build buzz for the project in the near future.


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