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‘John Carter’ Trailer 2 Arrives

With barely three months until its release, Disney’s big-budget John Carter adaptation is looking to raise some public awareness with a new trailer released yesterday. Take a look:


Probably the most noticeable change in the marketing has been the increased emphasis on the film’s Martian setting, and the big cast of alien creatures that inhabit it. Rather than the split-second glimpse we got in trailer one, the green-skinned and multi-limbed natives of Mars are on full display here, including Willem Dafoe’s Tars Tarkas, who befriends Civil War vet John Carter following his unexpected interplanetary arrival.  

The newest trailer swaps the intrigue of the first for a lot more set-piece moments, including flashy ship-to-ship combat and some big speechifying from lead Taylor Kitsch. It seems like Disney is ready to show off its estimated $250 million dollar budget for the film, and for good reason; sequel plans are going to require hefty box-office returns.

Director and Pixar-alum Andrew Stanton may have his work cut out for him on this one, but the absence of an Avatar or a Tron: Legacy this December may mean audiences will be hungry for something big and flashy by March 9th. With a fan-base seemingly too quiet to get word of mouth on the film going, expect plenty more trailers and TV spots for John Carter in the weeks to come. 


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