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Join in on the Nights of the Dead EverQuest 2 Halloween Parties

In real life, Halloween lasts just a single day. For those of you wishing it might last a little longer, consider joining in on Halloween EverQuest 2-style. These Nights of the Dead will occur on October 27th and 28th across multiple servers. They are developer-run celebrations, so you can expect more entertainment than your average player-run affair.

Players are invited to show up in their best and most unique Halloween costume. Once at the party, players will be able to try out specialty drinks prepared for the occasion. Party favors will also be made available through vendors. The developers realize that not all players come from the same time zone, or have the same schedule. To ensure that most people get a shot at attending these events, party slots start at times ranging from 8 AM PST to 5 PM PST.

To attend, you must enter your server’s Community Lounge. The developers will be placing portals to the lounge at the docks of the Sinking Sands. To enter the lounge through this portal, you must click on the spot that is glowing. These Community Lounges will be decorated with appropriate Halloween fare.

The developers are also encouraging players to start their own in-game Halloween parties.


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