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We here at Player Affinity Comics love us some good Radical Comics as you may have noticed from the massive amounts of reviews, including Driver for the Dead, Time Bomb, Shrapnel: Hubris, The Enchanted and FVZA to name a few. So we're happy to pass on news that Radical is having a Facebook contest giving away a ton of cool stuff! Two lucky winners will either have their likeness in a comic book or an ipad. Pretty cool stuff! We encourage you to befriend Radical on Facebook and make sure to follow them on Twitter as well! Contest details follow.

Winning has never been easier thanks to Radical Publishing. Simply sign up and suggest your friends to become fans of Radical’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/radicalpublishing for a chance to unlock amazing prizes. For every milestone reached, winners will be selected at random, and that’s just one of the benefits of being a fan of Radical Publishing. For more information, simply go to www.facebook.com/radicalpublishing and become a fan.


  • 10,000 Fans: 10 lucky people will win a TIME BOMB Poster and a copy of TIME BOMB #1 signed by Jimmy Palmiotti (Jonah Hex)
  • 15,000 Fans: 50 lucky people will win an AFTER DARK poster signed by co-creators Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) and Wesley Snipes (Blade)
  • 20,000 Fans: 5 lucky people will win a Radical T-shirt and 5 lucky people will win a Radical Publishing brand hat
  • 25,000 Fans: 50 lucky people will win a THE LAST DAYS OF AMERICAN CRIME poster signed by Sam Worthington (Avatar) and creator Rick Remender (Punisher)
  • 30,000 Fans: 5 lucky people will win an OBLIVION preview book signed by creator Joseph Kosinski (Tron: Legacy)
  • 35,000 Fans: One lucky person will win an OBLIVION poster framed and signed by creator Joseph Kosinski, writer Arvid Nelson (Rex Mundi) and artist Andreé Wallin
  • 40,000 Fans: One lucky person will win a TIME BOMB poster framed and signed by creators Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray (Jonah Hex) as well as artist Paul Gulacy
  • 45,000 Fans: 5 lucky winners will win a one year subscription to Radical Publishing’s comics and graphic novels
  • 50,000 Fans:
    • One lucky winner will have their likeness and name in an upcoming Radical Publishing comic book
    • Another lucky winner will win a FREE iPad
    • All 50,000 Fans will receive a special e-comic


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