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If you’re an altruistic nerd and you’ve had your fill with the Mass Effect Marathon for Charity that is currently running, you can also tune into another geek charity event this weekend.  Geeks With Issues is holding a 24-hour telethon called The Battle Against Dysentery III: Wagon Train of Destiny.  They’ll be playing the old Apple educational game Oregon Trail for 24 hours straight and, for those of you who don’t get the joke, that game was about 19th century pioneers and featured all sorts of historically accurate problems for them to deal with, including dysentery.

The telethon features a wacky band of local Massachusetts cable TV hosts and a handful of celebrity guests as they goof around with a game that was supposed to make learning fun.  Guest stars include musicians, comedians, and the best Patrick Stewart impersonator you’ll ever see,

They’re doing all of this to encourage viewers to donate to two fine charities which include Child’s Play; the organization which sprang out of Penny-Arcade.com and donates toys and games to children’s hospitals.   The other charity is a local Massachusetts organization called Hillcrest Educational Centers who also helps sick children.

You can watch the telethon live now through Sunday at Noon, on their website GeeksWithIssues.com.


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