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Join The Battlefield Play 4 Free Beta

Battlefield Play4Free is exactly what you probably think it is.  Electronic Arts already has a free to play version of the series, the cartoony Battlefield Heroes, which is currently running.  Now they’ve announced the next version of the game to use the play online for free plan, but will have a more realistic design scheme, and will use a modern day setting more akin to Battlefield Bad Company, or Battlefield 2.

The game is set to go live in Spring of 2011, with a beta test starting later this month.  It will combine various maps from Battlefield 2 with the classes and weapons of Bad Company.  The exact maps are not yet revealed.  There will also be 16 vehicles including aerial combat between the Russian Mil Mi-28 attack helicopter, and the F35 VTOL jet fighter, as well as various tanks and transport vehicles for ground combat.

You can join the beta test which begins this month on the 30th, and if you’re dying to get a taste of what it might be like, you could try out the cutesy Battlefield Heroes, which will give you a sense of how the free-2-play model works, but has less hardcore gameplay.  The beta sign up is at battlefield.play4free.com and the cartoonish Battlefield Heroes can be found at www.battlefieldheroes.com.



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