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Jon Favreau to direct Disney’s “Magic Kingdom”

Does a movie about Disney’s Magic Kindgom sound interesting? Well, what if you threw Jon Favreau into the mix?

Favreau, most famous for directing the “Iron Man” films, is currently in talks to helm Disney’s Magic Kingdom, a film in which the named theme park’s attractions come alive. This decision comes in the midst of Disney heads Sean Bailey and Rich Ross hiring several well-known directors to take charge of upcoming projects: Tim Burton for Maleficent, David Fincher for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and Sam Raimi for Oz, the Great and Powerful just to name a few.

Magic Kingdom, which was first set up almost two years ago, doesn’t sound all too original (Night at the Museum, anyone?), but remember that Favreau turned the “Iron Man” comic, which wasn’t as widely known as the “Spider-Man” or “X-Men” comics, into a cinematic phenomenon. If that’s any indication, he can do wonders even if the script is less than perfect. Since Marvel is now a Disney property, we might even be seeing a cameo from one of the label’s superheroes. Perhaps Iron Man?

Deadline reports that Favreau will sign a development deal since he’ll be working on other large scale films while overseeing this project. He most recently completed Cowboys and Aliens, which is due out next year, and is heavily expected to helm “Iron Man 3."


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