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Joseph Gordon-Levitt joins “The Dark Knight Rises”

Director Christopher Nolan and actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt will join forces once again for The Dark Knight Rises.

We don’t know who Gordon-Levitt will be playing, but Deadline is confident he's negotiating to join the cast. Although the director is keeping Gordon-Levitt’s role under wraps right now, Warner Bros. might release that information in the coming weeks as they did recently with recent casting additions Tom Hardy (Bane) and Anne Hathaway (Selina Kyle).

This news might not be a surprise to many, as the actor starred in Inception and we already saw one Inception alumnus join the cast in Hardy. Gordon-Levitt was also said to be in the mix for the film as The Riddler back in the days before Nolan squashed that rumor.

Are you excited about JGL's involvement? Any guesses as to who he might play?



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