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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Negotiating for Role in Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been acting since the late 1980s, but became a bigger name thanks to Marc Webb’s (500) Days of Summer and Christopher Nolan’s Inception. Now you can catch him in 50/50, and next year he’s in several films, one of which might be Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained.

Variety relays that Gordon-Levitt is negotiating to take a role in Tarantino’s spaghetti Western. However, “several scheduling issues that could prevent him from participating” need to be sorted out. Not coincidentally, his thriller Premium Rush has just been bumped from an early January bow to an August release. The Playlist surmises that the bump was a direct result of Gordon-Levitt wanting to star in “Django,” and it’s hard to disagree.

All of that aside, no one knows what his role in “Django” would actually be. However, there’s been word about Tarantino tweaking the script here and there, which would make perfect sense given this recent development.

Gordon-Levitt runs miles with every role that he gets, particularly in the aforementioned 50/50. If all works out in the negotiation department, he’ll also have The Dark Knight Rises and the aforementioned Premium Rush on his slate.


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