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Josh Brolin is Spike Lee’s ‘Oldboy’

Park Chan-wook’s thriller Oldboy, about a man on a path of vengeance after an unexplained stint in solitary confinement, took critics by storm. Hollywood’s looking to give it an English-language revamp, and with the capable Spike Lee at the helm, it looks like the film finally has its protagonist.

Deadline Hollywood relays that Josh Brolin has signed on to lead Lee’s Oldboy. Considering that he’s also on board for the Jason Reitman film Labor Day, set to begin next June and Ruben Fleischer’s Gangster Squad before that, he'll probably squeeze this in in between the two. He just finished work on Men in Black III as Tommy Lee Jones’ character Agent K in his younger years.

It doesn’t seem like Brolin’s straying too far from action-oriented films, but the majority of them – sorry, "Men in Black" – seem to have compelling enough stories to where they’d give him enough material on which he can chew.


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