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‘Jumanji’ Getting Remade with ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ Writer

Watch out '90s kids, Hollywood is coming for your movies.

Now that '80s remakes are so 2010, Columbia Pictures is moving forward with a new adaptation of the Chris van Allsburg children's adventure book Jumanji. THR reports writer Zachary Helm (Stranger Than Fiction, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium) has been assigned writing duties.

As you hopefully know, Jumanji hit theaters in 1995 and starred Robin Williams and a young Kirsten Dunst. Joe Johnston (Captain America: The First Avenger) directed the story of two kids who discover a board game in which each player's turn has consequences in real life, namely unleashing all kinds of animals. They also free a man trapped inside the game for several years who helps them finish the game without disastrous consequences.

Jon Favreau's 2005 family adventure Zathura was a space-set sequel of sorts.

Word of the remake surfaced earlier this summer with Sony execs hoping to update the story "for the present." Whatever that means, you can be sure lots of 20-30 year olds will have something to say about it if the project moves toward production.


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