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Just Cause 3 in Development?

Just Cause 3 may have been outed by the CV of developer Avalanche Studios cofounder and CEO Christofer Sundberg.
Dug up by Superannutation, Avalanche Studios has two games coming to current and next gen consoles. The first is described as an "open-world action game" based on "a well-known movie license," and will be released in April 2014 on current and next-generation consoles and PC.

The second, and more interesting tidbit for Just Cause fans, is the mention of a "new installment in a very well-known game series", more specifically a "sandbox action game" to be published by Square-Enix. Sounds like Rico Rodriguez is back for another crazy adventure. Don't hold you breath though; the rumored game is said to be released sometime around June 2015 for next generation consoles. 


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