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Justice League #5 Review

Justice League has been a pretty solid series so far. It is not on my top 5 of my favorite titles for the Dc reboot, but I still consider it a pretty good series. The series has been pretty consistent with great art from Jim Lee and a pretty good story arc from Geoff Johns.

This issue finally has all of the Justice League teammates working together to try and defeat Darkseid. During the battle with Darkseid Superman gets kidnapped by one of Darkseid’s minions. So, now the rest of the team has to learn to work together to save Superman and save the planet from Darkseid.

I really liked the cover for this issue concept wise and art wise. The concept was great because we get to see the whole team on the cover, which we have not seen in a while from the series. The art was also really great for the cover. Jim Lee has been so far been doing a great job for this series. I really love how he gave a new twist to our favorite characters without them looking too different from how they looked before the Dc reboot.

One of my favorite parts from this issue was a conversation that Green Lantern and Batman had. The whole conversation was about how Green Lantern has to stop being so selfish and stop trying to do things by himself. He has to start working as a team to defeat Darkseid. I think that goes for the whole team though. Something I have noticed with this series is that the Justice League are not use to working as a team because they are more use to working solo. This issue was more of everyone realizing that they can’t defeat Darkseid alone.

The one thing that I did not like about that conversation is that Batman reveals himself as Bruce Wayne to Green Lantern to try and prove a point. I thought that was great, but kind of useless at the same time because Green Lantern did not even know who Bruce Wayne was. It would have made more sense for Bruce to reveal his identity if Green Lantern knew whom Bruce Wayne was.

One thing I noticed in this issue is that this series sometimes feels a little short. They waste a good 6 pages on sketches where they can fit more story. Especially because the series is dollar more than most Dc reboot titles. I hope we either get a secondary story soon or more pages for the main story.

As I said for the cover portion of this review I really love Jim Lee’s art for this series. I am also glad to see that he is the artist for such a popular series for the Dc reboot. So, a lot of people can see his great art. He does the action scenes very well and makes the issue very exciting. Like I said I am very happy to see that they picked such a great artists for such a popular title.

 I think with the next couple of issues we are going to see a lot of great story with Darkseid and the Justice League. I am excited to pick up the next couple of issues. Every issue should make you excited to pick up the next issue and I am glad this one did. Something I loved about this issue was the art and great action. I only thought this issue had some minor problems, but was a great read and great addition to this series. I say pick up this issue and if you are not reading Justice League yet it is a great spin on one of our favorite superhero teams.




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