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Justice League Gets New Artist

In the midst of the recent DC Comics creative shake-ups that have many fans stirring over their respective positive or negative implications, there is a newly minted one that should catch many an eye. This shake-up being one that affects a title that is none other than the flag-ship Justice League and is due to hit before the close of the year.  

Justice League 36 cover

  Of course this shake-up doesn’t affect the unflappable Geoff Johns. Johns who has, for better or worse, become so synonymous with the “New 52” due to his tenure on the Justice League reboot. This shake-up comes for the other half of the twosome who helm the team book. The three main voices, artist wise, on the series so far have been Jim Lee, Ivan Reis, and Doug Mahnke – the latter two being renowned for taking the series in the upswing during and after the Forever Evil event. These three are about to be joined by a fourth: Jason Fabok. Fabok, a student of David Finch, can be mainly described as being a more clean and palatable version of the same. His most recent works are mainly seen in the Batman line of titles, mainly Detective Comics and Batman Eternal. Jason Fabok will join Geoff Johns starting with Justice League #36. Thoughts and comments would be appreciated below.


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