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Justice League Gets Roster Change

In a move that surprised only a few, in a post-Forever Evil world Justice League will see two new recruits join its cast of characters: Captain Cold and Lex Luthor. Now what I mean by "surprised only a few" is that Forever Evil was definitely setting up for something big regarding Lex Luthor and his "Injustice League". Villains or not, there was no way that they could be a vital part of saving the world and not end up without some recognition. Geoff Johns plans on playing these two characters and their distinct personalities to the hilt while they are on the Justice League. Fans in large scale have responded positively to this development given Johns' tenures on these characters.  


  Johns himself has given examples as to how he plans on integrating the two onto the League, and how they compliment the other members already on it. ┬áCiting such tried and true cliches such as Lex Luthor gaining his very own arch-enemies and really gaining knowledge on what being a super-hero is really like. Johns outlines a scene where League members brainstorm code-names and super-identities. For Captain Cold's part, Johns describes that Cold's mentality being something along the lines of not knowing that the Justice League even had problems, given their fame and power. Justice League changes will be implemented this coming April and will be the herald of the "second phase" of the "New 52". Comments and thoughts should be posted below.


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