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Justice Machine Lands at Bluewater

Yet another independent title from decades past is getting picked up for publication.  Bluewater Productions has announced that they’ve acquired the rights to none other than Justice Machine, a hugely popular comic from the 1980s and the first superhero team produced by an independent publisher.  Now, new adventures await the law enforcement agency from the planet Georwell.

Justice Machine boasts quite a rich history.  John Byrne illustrated a cover for the comic that was described as “iconic,” and even Jack Kirby made some artistic contributions.  The title may have arrived twenty years after the Fantastic Four debuted in 61’, but historically significant collaborations like these make you wonder what the comic could have been under a more grounded publisher. 


When the original publisher, Comico, went under in 89’, Justice Machine bounced to Innovation Comics, and eventually landed at Millennium Publications in 93’, where is remained until the comic market crashed.  Until now, the series has been untouched since then, save for a compilation released in 2009, which was well received.  

At innovation comics, the creative team consisted of Tony Isabella, writer, and Michael Gustovich, artist and creator.  When later picked up by Millennium, creative duties switched to Mark Ellis, writer, and Darryl Banks, artist, who will be returning in a similar capacity.  They couldn’t be more thrilled about retuning to Justice Machine, and they knew it was only a matter of time before they did.  


The Justice Machine: Object of Power is the new graphic novel that Bluewater currently has in development.  The release date is still pending, and Justice Machine has a relatively modest back history that is definitely worth checking out.  Ellis has assured us that while new material is in the works, he has no desire to reboot the series and start over again, citing the back-story as “too unique to change.”  With the demand for superheroes in Hollywood greater than ever, could Bluewater give Marvel and DC a run for their money? 


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