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Justified – Blind Spot

Season One, Episode Seven

The opening sequence alone is worth the price of admission in this episode.  An Assassin bursting into Ava’s bedroom with a sawed off shotgun blazing away in the night.  Raylan and Ava diving for cover.  Raylan then jumping up and wrestling the attacker out the window.  He drops to the floor grabs his firearm and fires out the window hitting the perpetrator as he runs away.  Bam!  This episode is on!!!

Quite an action sequence to say the least.  This episode is about misunderstandings and misconceptions and has a very interesting conclusion that you really don’t see coming.  Telling you much more might ruin the surprises, but there are some new and old characters for you to meet.

We have a professional hit man from Texas by way of Miami.  The Sheriff of Harlan played by Brent Sexton .  A very stupid backwoods boy named Red played by James Immekus who is in over his head.   Walter Coogins as Boyd Crowder and his father Beau, as well as their cousin Walter played by David Meunier.  Then of course Ava played by Joelle Carter who has been wonderful and Nick Searcy as Deputy Chief Art Mullen.

Now these seem to be the major players in this episode.   Walter threatens Ava in the hardware store.  Ava and Raylan get shot at.  The sheriff and Raylan do a little investigating. Plus Art proceeds to give Raylan a talking too that he will not forget for some time.  All of this and we haven’t even got to the strange and unforeseen parts.

Some wonderful performances highlight this episode along with some great action sequences and Raylan gets to shoot someone!  Always a good time.  It is obvious Raylan is smitten with Ava for some deep reason.  There is a very interesting exchange between Ava and Raylan’s ex Winona played by Natalie Zea which is very interesting as well.

The hit man was an interesting character as well.  His forte was filming his kills and his aspiration was to write a book on his ten best or most famous kills.  A little off kilter to say the least, but at least the man had goals!  The actor playing the part really gave you a feeling of being mentally unstable without acting outwardly crazy.  He did an excellent job.

Definitely an improvement on last week’s episode which was a little blasé for the most apart.  This is Raylan at his best and we are finding more and more that Ava is a little spitfire and she can take of herself as well.  The two of them make a good couple if being together doesn’t get the two of them killed first.

An entertaining and fulfilling episode much like the early ones.  If you like lawman and violence you are going to love Justified.  Just look for it on FX Tuesday at 8/7C and hold on for the ride.  Thanks for reading…

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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