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Justified – Long in the Tooth

Raylan and Rachel are sent to LA to track down a former fugitive playing Dentist who has surfaced. Rachel is sent as the lead investigator. Raylan has a history with Roland Pike the man they are looking for and he knows there are others out to get him.

I see a few problems with this show in the long run. This guy pulls his gun and shoots more people than probably all of the Deputies in The US Marshall's Service put together. It's been so many in four episodes you could have trouble remembering everyone. I think the other problem was the stagnant location of Eastern Kentucky each week. They did an episode this week that does a little to solve that problem, but that main location could get old after a while. The other thing is why does every crook he runs in to know who he is? Is it that small a world that they are all involved in one way or another with some experience he's had. How many men has he shot in the past?

I'm still enjoying the character. He is cool as a cucumber and has an angle for everything. The little discussion he had with the Grandfather was very interesting from a psychological standpoint. I think Rachel has a little more respect for his methods and is learning from him as well.

How many shows has Alan Ruck made an appearance in the last month or so? Besides this show since the first of the year he has been on Rules of Engagement, Numb3rs, CSI: Miami, CSI, and I remember him being on an episode of Cougar Town as well if I remember correctly. I liked Michele Nordin as Mindy in this as well as Alan Ruck's Roland Pike.

The theme of this series really seems to be that people will challenge him like the gunfighters of old and at the same time he is not the perfect US Marshall. He does manage to screw up every once in a while.

I found this episode interesting and well produced. Nothing overtly bad about the plot line and the acting passable. I certainly wouldn't pass it off as a bad series or episode. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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