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Justified – Riverbrook

When a prisoner escapes from prison with just three months left on his sentence after serving fifteen years, the Marshall's figure something has triggered the move like the mans ex-wife or the money he had hidden from his robbery that sent him up.

Another solid effort from the cast of Justified. This time we see Raylan doing some of the many tasks US Marshall's are given such as accompanying prisoner transfers to tracking escaped convicts.

I said last week that this show was the first since True Blood to really blow away my expectations. This week I started to notice some subtle similarities to the shows. The way they are shot and the look and feel to the shows are very similar. The opening music and credits are shorter than True Blood, but have somewhat of a similar feel. Finally we get a lot of that same country charm that pervades True Blood in this series as well.

This weeks episode involved an escaped con who is out looking for the money he had hidden in a house under construction. His ex-wife is shacked up with a "cousin" who is not the brightest light on the tree and they've been searching for the money as well. A lot of things happen, but they all lead to a confrontation in the end.

A powerful series with some interesting characters and great action. Well acted with fascinating stories. I'm really looking forward to where these characters take us each week. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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